Recapture the nuance of real conversation

Change the way you work and connect with others by harnessing the power ofreal-time engagement.

Recapture the nuance of real conversation

Don’t let location barriers restrict employees
from connecting with one another

Here are some ways Impromptu can enhance your work life
Collaborate and Innovate

Brainstorming ideas need not be done in closed conference rooms anymore — unleash the potential of your entire workforce! Take advantage of built-in expertise, share knowledge and boost productivity and innovation.

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Workplace communicate
Workplace Communities

Forge new friendships with like-minded individuals, whether it's discussing the latest tech releases, participating in a book club, or enjoying an impromptu jam session! Build communities and encourage camaraderie.

Impromptu Town halls

Manage a large team? Do you find yourself short on time with just 15 minutes to spare while you’re en route to the airport? Engage your team regardless of your location, keeping you in touch with the pulse of your organization.

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Conversations over coffee
Conversations over Coffee

Or Talk over Tea, whatever you prefer! A modern twist on the classic water-cooler conversations. Get to know who you work with in an off-work environment.

With Impromptu you can...

Improve the flow of ideas

Stimulate innovation

Increase employee loyalty

Mitigate attrition and churn

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for your enterprise.

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