Restore the Essence of Community

Create a welcoming space for employees to socialize and express themselves

Restore the Essence of Community

The Two Kinds of Office Interactions

The Two Kinds of Office Interactions

Make Impromptu your digital HQ for Workplace Socialization

Why should Enterprises care?

Don’t settle for the status quo. Expand your network and explore fresh perspectives with
informal conversations across teams. It’s where the magic happens!
Foster a Culture of Organizational Creativity & Innovation

Collaboration has the power to spark innovation and Impromptu is the ideal platform to leverage the full potential of the entire organization.

  • Increase cross-pollination and sharing of ideas
  • Learn from one another
  • Collaborate with people they know or have never spoken to before!
Foster culture
Human connections
Facilitate Human Connections in an Organization

Remote- and Hybrid-work is making it harder to form and grow new relationships among coworkers, and Impromptu is the perfect modern solution to tackle this modern problem.

  • Freely communication with eachother
  • Share what they are working on
  • Partake in interesting conversations
Personalize Experience

Enterprises can curate their own experience that reflects the activities and culture within their organization to help:

  • Encourage employee engagement
  • Boost employee morale
Video file

Why Social Audio is  
Right for your Enterprise


Audio is a natural way for humans to express and understand nuancedideas and build relationships.


Let’s one communicate without any inhibition and misconstruction, something text and video don’t offer.


Allows users to interact in diverse settings–be it at the office or from the comfort of your home.

Impromptu Salient Features

Designed to fulfill the needs of global organizations
Keep the conversation flowing no matter where you are, on mobile or desktop.
Ease of Use
A simple and intuitive interface.
Enterprise-grade data protection with industry-approved best practices and frameworks.
Flexible Deployment
On-premise, AWS or Microsoft Azure public or private cloud.

Looking to sell a unique “future of work” 
solution to your enterprise customers?